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Microtargeting Services and Data Solutions

Deliver the right message to the right people

Use the power of VoterLabs' patented technology to target voters, non-voters, or contributors using hundreds of individual and household level attributes, and psychographic data points.

Voter & Contributor Microtargeting

Target voters, non-voters, and contributors using hundreds of individual & household attributes

Raise more with FEC compliant contributor data

Make your dollars go farther by isolating
the specific voters you need to win

Free 50%+1 Consultation,
Targeting Report and Counts

Microtargeting Data - Free Counts

TargetMatchTM Self-Service Data Appends

Process your lists through our patent pending data engine to add up-to-date, optimized data in real-time

Supercharge your contributor and voter lists with demographic, consumer, household, donor history & voter file data

Includes email and mobile numbers when available

Low $10 minimum per upload

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Mirrored PopulationsTM Target Universe Modeling

Change the 50%+1 equation and expand your base by identifying persuadable casual voters and potential contributors

VoterLabs generates models based on your lists or target profiles and produces target universes of just about any size

Isolate new segments for targeted messaging

Identify new receptive audiences

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Email Addresses • Credit Scores • Home Values • USPS Formatted Addresses • Mapping Coordinates • Mobile Numbers

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