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Our Self-Service Premium Data Platform, Advanced Targeting Services, and Data Powered Mobile Solutions connect you to more people, expand your base, and generate more dollars.

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Self-Service Data Appends

Add Demographic, Consumer, Financial, Household, Donor History & Voter File Data

Includes Mobile Phone & Email Address

Pulled in real-time from multiple data sources and processed through our data engine delivering fresh, clean and accurate records

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SMS & Text-2-Donate

Highest Pledge Completion Rates

Capture the moment, raising money instantly

Maximize your social media ROI
turning passion into dollars and data

Build Your List Fast With Real Voter Data

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Custom Political Data

Use microtargeting to ID your base, expand the electorate, and turnout casual voters

Targeted voter & FEC compliant donor data

Custom files include all data engine fields

Free Custom Counts and Targeting Consultation

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VoterLabs Engagement & Fundraising Technology and Premium Data Solutions are powered by
our advanced data engine.Connected to some of the world's largest, most up-to-date data
sources, our data engine pulls over a thousand points of real-time data, using proprietary
evolving algorithms to validate, clean, and deliver the accurate, reliable data you need to crush the competition.

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