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Powered by Patented TargetMatchTM Data Modeling Technology

Featuring our
TargetMatchTM Data Sync Appends Platform

Add email addresses, mobile numbers and more using our simple, powerful TargetMatchTM Data Sync platform.

Just upload your voter, contributor or customer lists to append comprehensive microtargeting and advanced segmentation data.

  • Demographic - Age, Gender, Ethnicity
  • Lifestyle - Children, Pets, Hobbies
  • Political & Charitable Giving History
  • Voter File Data - Party, Turnout History, etc.
  • Plus Landlines, Mobile Numbers & Email Addresses

You can also use our API for real-time data integration.

Simple, straight forward pricing - you only pay for matches and all data is included for one low per record price, with match credit packages starting at just $9.99.

  Try it now and start getting data in minutes.

Custom Microtargeted Data

Find the right audience for your message and increase the effectiveness of your messaging and mobilization outreach with VoterLabs advanced microtargeting and custom data.

VoterLabs targeting and data specialists will work with you to construct profiles to identify the individual people and households you need to mobilize to get across the finish line.

Need help with GOTV targeting? Click here for a free, confidential consultation.

Powered by Patented TargetMatchTM Data Technology.

VoterLabs data tech, microtargeting, and analytics are powered by our advanced TargetMatchTM data engine.

Our data engine processes thousands of live data points in real-time, using our exclusive patented technology and evolving algorithms, providing you with clean, reliable, up-to-date premium data.

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